My Brown Eyes


A ten-year-old boy rises early and prepares for his first day of school in America. Clever & resourceful, he makes his own lunch and also breakfast for his immigrant parents who work until early morning, but he is unprepared for the challenge that awaits him at school. The rest of the film depicts the child who becomes excluded and silent at school: children laugh at the little boy's name and make fun of the lunch he has prepared. This is a beautiful and poignant story of immigrant life as told from the point of view of a child.

Although My Brown Eyes is a simple story of an immigrant boy's first day of school in America, the impact of this video is tremendous. Jay Koh's film not only heighten awareness but captures hearts and forever impacts his audience's view of what the American immigrant experience is about. This powerful film is available now from Master Communications.

My Brown Eye is an excellent film for:
• Teaching tolerance to students
• Staff development for teachers
• Diversity training for organizations


"The brilliance of My Brown Eyes is in its pithiness... It moves viewers with just a few lines. Immense emotions are captured in simple, often silent gestures."
-- International Examiner

"This valuable little gem of a film can be used not only as a tool in the classroom but to help professionals develop a critical eye for understanding."
-- D. Wei, Philadelphia School District




Item Number: V2168
ISBN Number: 1-888194-55-3
Regular Price: $125
Special K-12 School Price: $60

Download Facilitator's Guide (WORD)

The video includes noncommercial public performance rights and discussion guide. Drama. 19 min. Copyright 1994, 2004 Release. Includes public viewing rights for libraries, schools and organizations.


A native of South Korea, Jay and his family immigrated to the United States in 1979. Jay makes the great Northwest his home: he is a graduate of University of Washington and the Vancouver Film School in British Columbia.

Jay is an active leader and educator in his community. He is the executive director of Kingstreet Media, a non-profit motion picture production company dedicated to educating and developing new and emerging talent in the Asian American community. Kingstreet Media actively seeks and produces films that demystify Asian Americans and other under represented communities that Hollywood and the mass media left behind. Jay also dedicates his spare time teaching leadership skills to the brightest high school students of Washington State in its summer leadership education program sponsored by The Washington State Secondary Principle's Association. Jay also tours the nation with a lecture series focusing on race and media. He has spoken at Duke University, NC Chapel Hill, University of Washington, Oregon State University, and Southern Oregon State College.

Jay started his film career in Vancouver, British Columbia. He learned the many aspects of film making through his role as production manager, assistant director, and editor for various feature films and TV series. He then moved onto commercial producing and quickly became one of the most prolific producers of high-end commercials in the Northwest After producing more than twelve commercials in just one year, Jay left to take on the challenges of writing and directing. He returned to Seattle to shoot his debut film, My Brown Eyes.

Away from his community involvement, his film and video clients know him as "the man who delivers on time, on budget." Koh combines his knowledge of Hollywood studio methods with "no-budget" independent sensibilities. He has produced and directed everything from million-dollar national spots to "credit card" digital films.

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