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OBJECTIVE: Master Communications objective is to create the best possible products for children to learn a second language the fun and easy way. We will also offer products which helps one learn about the culture of the country in which the language is spoken. Our goal is to continue to develop the best educational product for global citizens.

For video/films, please send your screener. We can accept your digital screeners along with intended target audience, and awards.

For books:
We will only consider book manuscript submission which fit our publication goals and have broad enough audience. We do not accept fiction.

In addition, the manuscript must have a broad appeal among parents and educators.

You do not have to submit the complete manuscript but a chapter, table of content or enough portion to provide a good idea about what you are planning to create. We will only consider a clean typed submission.

No submission will be returned unless it accompanies a self-addressed and stamped envelope.

Please allow 3 months for a response to interested projects only. Send your manuscript to:

Master Communications, Inc.
PO Box 9096
Cincinnati, OH 45209

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