Sing 'n Learn Japanese 2

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Sing 'n Learn Japanese 2 helps you learn more Japanese language and culture through favorite songs sung in Japan for children of all ages. With 22 traditional & contemporary Japanese melodies, you will enjoy learning about festivals, holidays, seasons, games, food, and more. Lyrics are written in Hiragana, Katakana, romanized Japanese and English. Illustrations promote understanding of culture and enhance learning. Pronunciation Guide, Glossary, cultural notes and activity guides are included.

Song List

  • Haru ga Kita/Spring Has Come
  • Ureshii Hinamatsuri/Happy Doll Festival
  • Koinobori/Flying Carp
  • Hanabi/Fireworks
  • Kiku no Hana/Chrysanthemum
  • Tako no Uta/Kite Song
  • Jankenpon/Rock, Paper, Scissor
  • Oshoogatsu/New Yearís Day
  • Usagi/Rabbit
  • Oyakodonburi/Chicken Egg Bowl
  • Hitori Futari/One Person, Two People
  • Shabondama/Soap Bubble
  • Kata Tataki/Shoulder Patting
  • Muramatsuri/Village Festival
  • Onaka no Heru Uta/Iím Hungry
  • Seikurabe/Whoís Taller?
  • Asa wa Doko Kara/Where Does the Morning Come from?
  • Momiji/Maple Leaf
  • Frusato/Home
  • Shiawasenara Te o Tatakoo/If You Are Happy
  • Makkana Ohana no Tonakaisan/The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Sakura/Cherry Blossom
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