(NEW YORK-November 1, 2003) We see it everyday. The latest trend in tattoos, grocery aisles stocked with teas, the art of feng shui and decorating with an Asian flair. The Asian culture has made its mark on America. But do we understand exactly what it is we are tattooing on our bodies and putting into our homes? Fun With Chinese Characters, Vol 1 takes a whimsical look at the origins of the Chinese language and explains the meaning behind the symbols.

By letting readers see how Chinese characters are created, Fun With Chinese Characters, of which there is three volumes, shows the simplicity of the Chinese written language. In line with the visual nature of the Chinese language, the book uses cartoons to illustrate the origin of some of the most commonly used words. Fun With Chinese Characters includes more than 150 characters, all of which include definitions, pronunciations and how-to-write guides.

"We saw how popular the trend of using the Chinese character has become. It can be found in people’s tattoos, greeting cards and even department stores",” says Selina Yoon, the book's publisher. "Since it is so en vogue, shouldn't consumers understand the meaning behind these symbols? This book meets that need – it makes the complex simple and it does so in a fun way."



Fun with Chinese Characters 1
Includes 175 illustrations
ISBN 1-932457-00-3
192 page

Fun with Chinese Characters 2
Includes 152 illustrations
ISBN 1-932457-01-1
160 page

Fun with Chinese Characters 3
Includes 148 illustrations
ISBN 1-932457-02-X
152 page

About the Publisher:

Korean-born Selina Yoon is a former Procter & Gamble marketing executive and an author of Sing 'n Learn Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese. She is a member of the Chinese Language Teacher's Association and lives in Cincinnati with her husband and two children.


"This is a helpful book. My five year old and I have just about gone through it twice, and it has held her attention, though I should say that she is insanely into languages of all kinds. But the the book is well designed, showing the etymology from ancient forms to traditional forms to simplified forms. Each character gets a page, and the etymology and cartoons constitute the top half of the page. The cartoons are fun and - usually - help you remember."
-- A reader from St. Louis

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